IDEA StatiCa Member

Get all stability and buckling checks in minutes

IDEA StatiCa Member

Every structural engineer has a FEA software to solve the global model of a steel structure. Engineers can choose from multiple high-quality software packages with various features. But all these programs have two blank spots when it comes to structural design and code-check – connections and stability (buckling).

We have solved the first blank spot with our application IDEA StatiCa Connection. We now aim to bring the answer for the second – with IDEA StatiCa Member.

IDEA StatiCa 10.1 brings a BETA version of IDEA StatiCa Member, a brand new application of Steel product line dedicated to structural design and code-check of steel members (beams, columns, diagonals, etc.).

Using the unique CBFEM method, IDEA StatiCa Member provides 3 types of analysis:

Materially Non-linear Analysis
Linear Buckling Analysis
Geometrically and Materially Non-linear Analysis with Imperfections

IDEA StatiCa Member workflow

IDEA StatiCa member expands the workflows of your current software package for global analysis of steel structures. Let’s say you want to investigate a critical frame of a steel hall:

  • Perform the global analysis of the steel hall in your FEA software.
  • Model the critical frame in IDEA StatiCa Member and load it using the calculated internal forces.
  • Design connections related to this critical frame using IDEA StatiCa Connection.
  • Adjust the topology of the frame using manufacturing operations – add transversal or longitudinal stiffeners, opening, cuts,…
  • Run the calculation. Loads are applied on members and at the ends of related members (equilibrium principle like in IDEA StatiCa Connection).
  • Generate a report with all the results and code-checks.
  • Proof buildability of the critical frame, solve the whole structure!

How to start with IDEA StatiCa Member

Theoretical background

BETA version IDEA StatiCa Member

IDEA StatiCa Member application is available as a BETA version. It can be accessed by all users with any version 10 steel license. Automatically, for free, as a part of the standard setup.

How to join the BETA? Just download the latest IDEA StatiCa 10.1 setup and fill in your basic data upon the first launch of the application. If you do not have access to version 10.1, you can test IDEA StatiCa Member after requesting a FREE trial (please note the FREE trial license will not run on a PC where any IDEA StatiCa license has been activated previously).

Sample projects

Download our IDEA StatiCa Member sample projects

Castellated beam
Built-up Column
Bridge transverse beam
Deep beam

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